Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sigiriya - Return to Earth (Patchie Review)

Claw favourites Sigiriya have given us an exclusive listen to their eagerly awaited long player Return to Earth...and it's amazing.
Remember that film where Kyuss build a mountain out of Black Sabbath albums and Thin Lizzy chased them up it, throwing early nineties Sub Pop albums at them which they deflected with a copy of Confessor's Condemned? No? Well this will give you an idea of the soundtrack to it.

Sounding completely effortless, and really quite accessible, this seven track monster rocks and gallops along, with more drawn out, jam-style introspective moments that build to a crescendo of fuzz leaving you absolutely floored.
Recorded in Mwnci studios with Gethin Woolcock and mixed by Billy God Damn Anderson, this low-slung fuzzfest has to go down as one of the releases of the year and we're only halfway through it.
Dark Fires is a galloping, heads down, fists in the air rocker, and on this release, vocalist Dorian Walters really lets rip on songs like Death Trip to Eyriri with a quite unique blend of soaring vocals with just a tiny tiny hint of that old, underground Sub Pop-esque sound. People who were disappointed with the recent Kyuss Lives reunion could do a lot worse than checking them out.
My favourite is the stomping Robot Funeral, where drummer Darren Ivey holds together some drawn out riffs and chugging, rolling parts with equal ease, with awesome leads from Stu O'Hara floating over the top whilst Mead's Geezer Butler-esque bass work lollops all over the fretboard in the background.
Absolutely awesome, and I can see why SJW has been raving about them since he saw them back in March last year and now I can't wait to see them.
Return To Earth is out on The Church Within records from Germany.

In a nutshell? Makes me feel ten feet tall walking around listening to it on headphones, Metal as Fuck listening to it loud on the stereo. Rifftastic. Wait, then buy.

Ears and Eyes here.

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