Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Incoming: Full Moon Dog Festival 2012

Hail, droogies! SJW here... I just wanted to give a big shout out and give all of our best to Len and the boys in the mighty ASOMVEL for the 2012 edition of the Full Moon Dog festival, being held at The Cockpit in Leeds, UK. Both myself and Patchie are as sick as dogs (pun intended) not to be in attendance for this year's show but we are planning on holding our own tribute to Jay Jay over the weekend, summoning the awesome majestic spirit that he brought to the stage each and every time he got the chance. What a guy... What a fucking guy!!

This is what it's all about, kiddies!!

The 2012 FMD fest line-up is a cracker, and it is sure to be a great day. We look forward to seeing the DVD when it is unleashed on the great unwashed masses some time in early 2013!

Break a leg guys! Stare at death & SPIT!

R.I.P Jay Jay - And long live ASOMVEL!!

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