Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Updates update.

Today I've been making some minor changes to the site, but I think they are worth mentioning here.
First, we've added a search function to the main page, having almost 700 posts at the moment, the old archive/tag/labels system was becoming a bit cumbersome.

So now we have a box that you can search in (Really. Try "Leeds Fenton" or something similar) and the results pop up at the top of the site there, in a box you can click closed.
This has meant that we can streamline the archive a little bit so that it now looks a little neater:
 And over on our Facebook page, we have added a link for you to sign up for our email newsletter, which we plan to be a weekly update, sometimes with stuff we haven'y been able to get up on the site here.
 Anyway, there you go. Mounds of stuff to review, more posts tomorrow!

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