Monday, 16 April 2007

Annihilator in Liverpool

Went to see Annihilator when they played in my home town tonight. I never had a ticket and then got a call from a friend who offered me a spare, how can a guy refuse an offer like that? Glad I went along, Gojira also played and they were really good, real loud and they headbanged all the way through their set. You can tell a good band from how well they play whilst headbanging! Gojira passed that particular test with flying colours.

Jeff Waters and the boys were awesome though, I got right up as close to the front of the stage as I could when they played. After the gig we bumped into the bass player outside the venue and one of my mates (H) decided we all needed to get our photo taken with him, and he was really happy to stand and get pics taken while we posed with claws on show. Well, you've got to haven't you.

Oh and some other band played on the same bill... I never took much notice of them though. I think they were called Trivium or something.

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