Thursday, 11 October 2007

Narcosis @ Liverpool Roadkill

NOTE: This turned out to be Narcosis's last ever gig.


Great gig tonight. This was the 3rd time that we've seen Narcosis play in 2007 and the first time that I've had a chance to watch how they all perform together as a group. They are so tight as a unit, that is to say, amazing timing from each of the guitarist and the drummer combined. It's almost military how they are able to keep together for songs that seem to be performed in suites; they play about 5 or 6 songs in a row at breakneck pace before having a minute or so to get ready for the next medley. They play at such a blistering speed for most of the set and yet it still doesn't sound like a jumbled mess of guitars being simply mangled at high volume.

Also this evening I picked up a copy of the Narcosis "Romances" LP on vinyl from the merchandise table whilst at their gig. £8. And (from the very same merch table) a copy of Bitches Brew by the saintly Mr Miles Davis... on double CD... for a paltry £5.

The person who was running the merchandise at tonight's gig was a very pretty slightly built girl, short blonde hair in a bobcut, black tights, blue denim shorts and a small black tank top. She was sat on her own while looking after the merchandise when I saw her and she could have easily been dismissed as the girlfriend of one of the guys in one of the bands. Turns out she was the singer in tonight's gig support act, a kind of emo grindcore band called Rolo Tomassi. They'll probably protest about the emo tag though! When it was their turn on stage most of the blokes in the audience quite noticeably turned towards where she was stood to get a good look at her. When she announced the name of the song that they were about to play she sounded very girly. But you should have heard the noise out of her when it was there turn on stage!! She was screaming and shouting like a demented lunatic for about 20 minutes. And then, after they had complete their set, she went back over to the merch table and sat there, looking all diminutive again.

Rolo Tomassi weren't my kind of thing though. They did give a good performance though, at least they did do before we went across to the pub next door for a quick pint about half way through their set. (I will pay more attention next time I see them play, promise!)

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