Wednesday, 31 October 2007

WASP @ The Cavern Club, Liverpool

Last night Thee Claw Boys went along to see WASP play a gig at "the legendary" Cavern club. You know, the "famous" Cavern Club where The Beatles played when they were still relative unknowns? Well, that's where I'm talking about anyways. I had a great time, in spite of the fact that you could see that WASP were only going through the motions.

After the gig finished we went out on the town for a few more pints and somehow found another gig in a place down the road (in the basement of a pub called Flanagans). It was 3 old guys were singing traditional Irish songs. I say "old", they were probably only in their 50s and Blackie Lawless (the singer in WASP) is about the same age. Next we carried on up the road, we went to a place called Yates's that was full of scallies and H nearly had a scrap while I got up on stage to sing La Bamba on the karaoke. I think that we ended up in a pizza shop at 2 o'clock in the morning, blind drunk.

As for the WASP gig, they mainly played a set comprising of songs taken from "The Crimson Idol" album, which is now 15 years old. I dunno exactly why they need to celebrate an album's 15th anniversary, but they played the whole album from start to finish. The thing about The Crimson Idol is that it was a concept album and almost every other song taken from it includes a verse that goes "Where is the love to shelter me / Give me love, love set me free". During the night Blackie must have sung that line about 50 times. WASP are only 5 dates into a 50 date European tour and every night he'll have to sing that same line over and over and over. Half way through the set Blackie Lawless announced that they most likely won't ever be doing another European tour after the current one ends... by the time they get to the last gig in the tour I bet they'll be completely sick of singing that line!

A small moan about the merch at WASP gigs.. I've been to see them twice this year and both times I have had a run-in with the same guy on the merchandise stand. Last night he told me off for standing on a step to take a photo of the band on stage. I told him in no uncertain terms that I disagreed with his authority in the matter and that he should behave himself.

Also, Blackie Lawless was wearing knee-high, high-heel black leather boots on stage. I don't know whether that is completely awesome or completely cheesy. Either way they were certainly rock n roll and very comment worthy.

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