Sunday, 10 August 2008

Cold Ones @ Korova Bar, Liverpool

(Here's a quick one for you guys because I am not in any fit state to write anything in-depth at present...)

Me and THE SKUM went along to watch a gig in Liverpool city centre tonight - it comprised of 4 bands and it costs just £3 to get in. You can't argue with value like that!

The headline band (AKA "The last band on stage") was a local punk band called COLD ONES. I have seen them once before, at the same venue too, when they played as support for Gentlemans Pistols. I remember them as being fast, edgy and moving all over the place... and that's just how they were at tonight's gig. Check out their myspace page for examples of their stuff. We really liked their set and their music reminded us a lot of American hardcore acts such as D.R.I. and POISON IDEA. Really good and lots of fun. The support bands were good as well, at least, it was interesting to see them in action.

Next gig: This coming Tuesday night at the same venue! 4 bands including the interestingly named "Geoffrey Oi!Cott" from Leeds and "Career Suicide" from Canada. See you there maybe!

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