Monday, 25 August 2008

jesu update

Long time readers of Thee Claw will be aware that jesu are a firm favourite of at least 66% of the people here.
You'l have no doubt read me lamenting how long I've been waiting for the vinyl version of Heart Ache to be released.

Well, finally, some good news, and a little bit of extra news:

The Heart Ache vinyl is finally available to buy from Justin's Avalanche Records webstore, as is the vinyl version of Pale Sketches.
From Justin's blog:

The long awaited vinyl versions of 'Heart Ache' and 'Pale Sketches' from Jesu and the exclusive 'Afar' picture disc only from Final are available to buy now, shipping begins 22nd August '08. Both the Jesu vinyls are limited to 1000 copies each and the Final is limited to 500 copies. All are pressed on heavyweight 180grm vinyl. Please visit the Avalanche Store HERE
and scan down the Avalanche Recordings catalogue until you reach the items.
The 'Pale Sketches' CD edition is now sold out.

As I've stated before, Heart Ache remains one of my favourite releases by any artist, ever, and this week I have been listening constantly to Pale Sketches on CD (this comprises of eight tracks that Justin has had knocking around since the end of Godflesh up to 2007) and Lifeline (Which is the EP featuring some really trippy shoegazy stuff, and an appearance from ex-Swans heroine Jarboe on one track).
I realised, whilst ordering the Heart Ache and Pale Sketches vinyl that I do't have Lifeline on vinyl, and headed over to Hydra Head records to order a copy for myself, and was greeted with the news that pre-orders are being taking for the new Why Are We Not Perfect? EP, along with other goodies that you can order only as part of the pre-order package in true Hydra Head fashion. Think I'll pass on the jesu tote bag though. (check out the ultra-trippy Why Are We Not Perfect? microsite here.)

He's a busy little beaver, Mr Broadrick, also available from Daymare Recordings (who will also be releasing a version of Why Are We Not Perfect? - I know, it's getting a bit confusing now isn't it?) is the split EP with Envy featuring two tracks clocking in at 14 minutes and 18 minutes...unfortunately their website is in Japanese, so now I'm looking for a record store in Europe that's carrying it, because knowing my luck I'll end up ordering 19 crates of Pocari Sweat by accident.

There is also(!) a split EP with Battle of Mice due out soon, which has an amazing sleeve image prepared for it.
It's an exciting, yet expensive, time to be a fan of jesu.
I can't wait for the next tour.

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