Thursday, 16 October 2008

Arrived Today: The New Record By The Lamp Of Thoth

It's here, it's finally arrived!

What, you ask? The record of the year! That's what!

The new record by THE LAMP OF THOTH arrived here at Claw Towers today: "Portents, Omens & Dooms". THE MISKATONIC FOUNDATION have really done the band proud with this release, the sound and the packaging of the CD are top notch! I opened the package to find it was bound in a velvet pouch, along with a copy of the latest demo by THE LAMP (on tape - old school as hell) as well as a big old LAMP badge too.

Most of all, the record sounds fucking awesome. I mean, really atmospheric. I was on my way out to work when the package arrived and so I had the privilege of giving it my 1st listening while driving around the street of Liverpool in my cab and picking up the unsuspecting public to take them from A to B. I had a granny in the back of my taxi when Blood On Satan's Claw began, along with the "Hey! You! You motherfucking whore! opening chant... Needless to say, she didn't leave me any tip.

In fact, you know what, I am going to head back out to do another few hours work now... just to give this baby another few listens. Expect THEE SKUM to be raving on about this record once his copy is in the clutch of his grubby claws!

I know that this record is a limited release (250 copies I believe), but believe me when I say that this shouldn't detract from the fact that the world finally has a truly great modern doom album from a future underground giant of a band. The Lamp Of Thoth are going to be huge - you heard it here first, second and third.

(I would go as far as to advise ya to go check out the MISKATONIC FOUNDATION website, but it's down at the moment...)

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