Thursday, 23 October 2008

This Week......

It's been a good week for album releases and gigs, Darkthrone, AC/DC and Ross The Boss all with excellent albums coming out in the last few days and a gig in the shape if thee mighty Queen and Paul Rodgers (QPR???) at Liverpool Arena.
Me and SJW got to see some childhood heroes in action this past saturday, personally I just couldn't wait to see Brian May cos he's my all time favourite guitarist without a doubt but man of the match went to my least favourite member of Queen, Roger Taylor and it was all because of his drum solo.
He started with just a bass drum and a hi hat and did some beats for a few minutes, then members of the road crew brought him a snare, then a few beats after that they would start to bring out tom toms and cymbals to add to his kit, Taylor was still playing his solo as the crew constructed the drum kit around him and it all lead to an excellent performance of an old obscure Queen classic, "I'm In Love With My Car", obscure in the sense that anybody that just owns the greatest hits albums will probably never have heard this excellent song before.
I was pretty disappointed by the new songs, they're just not my cuppa tea but that heavy riff on C-Lebrity is spot on!
Only 2 paul rodgers songs got played but they were good ones, "Bad Company" (by bad company!) and Free's "All Right Now".
A special part of the gig that needs mentioning is Brian Mays performance of "Bijou", he was joined by Freddie Mercury via the big screen, amazing stuff! Freddie would show up again later to sing the first half of the almighty "bohemian rhapsody"!
Excellent gig!!!!!

I've also aquired the new CYNIC album, "Traced In Air".
I like Cynic, and this new album is an amazing follow up to their 1993 debut "Focus".
"Traced In Air" is very technical and experimental, with loads of jazz and fusion influences just as on "Focus", very, very intelligent music, all members are on top form here, makes me look more forward to the Pestilence reunion I keep hearing about and a possible new Atheist album in the future.

The best album I think I'll hear this year is...


New Metal Leader is what Manowar should fucking sound like but instead manowar continue to insult metal fans with their recent abysmal downtuned symphonic bullshit and constant trips to mailand europe. I don't get it, They release two legendary albums after Ross left manowar but in the last ten years they've faded into excrement, I didn't even bother buying the last Gods Of War album because Warriors Of The World was absolutely dreadful.
The story about the RTB band is that Ross wanted to do a band and found a manowar tribute band in europe somewhere and asked them if they wanted to be his new solo touring/recording band, pretty cool i think!!!
Ross The Bosses new album sounds like the manowar I know and love and I'm hoping for a tour from him.
Every song is a reminder of how amazing Manowar could be, each song has its own nod to an old mano-classic, I love it!!!

Enough now, me cuppas getting cold haha!!!!

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