Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Good news if you were there (or, even if you were not)

"British gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST will releasing their demos, "Paradise Lost" (1988) and "Frozen Illusion" (1989), on CD. These raw recordings, which saw the band still firmly rooted in the field of doomy death metal, are being accompanied by six live tracks from the "Plains Of Desolation" bootleg, which has never been officially released as well. All songs have been digitally remastered and the release is strictly limited!

Guitarist Greg Mackintosh states: "Well what can I say about the re-release of our demos? This delves right down into our murky, sludgy beginnings. They may not be the best-produced demos ever, but they really sum up the raw honesty of a very exciting time in the U.K. and European underground heavy music scene. We always preferred our demos to our first album as we felt that the demos more succinctly captured the 'wallowing in a quagmire' sound. Hopefully these recordings will be taken for what they are ...the prime evil foundations of what was later to become gothic metal!"

Featuring extensive liner notes by vocalist Nick Holmes and a stunning vinyl replica packaging, "Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos" is a must-have for every PARADISE LOST fan and despite all its roughness, a sonic manifest of the early days of one of the most influential metal bands ever!

"Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos" (57:26) track listing:

01. Drown In Darkness (4:38)
02. Internal Torment (5:05)
03. Morbid Existence (2:38)
04. Paradise Lost (5:24)
05. Internal Torment (5:40)
06. Frozen Illusion (5:16)
07. Internal Torment (live) (4:40)
08. Our Saviour (live) (5:56)
09. Plains Of Desolation (live) (4:10)
10. Drown In Darkness (live) (4:37)
11. Paradise Lost (live) (5:34)
12. Nuclear Abomination (live) (3:48)

Tracks 1-3 taken from the "Paradise Lost" demo (1988)
Tracks 4- 6 taken from the "Frozen Illusion" demo (1989)
Tracks 7- 12 taken from the "Plains Of Desolation" bootleg (1989)

"Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos" will be released via Century Media Records in Europe on May 25, 2009!"

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