Thursday, 21 May 2009

Metal Master

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to identify all of the heavy metal records on the wall in this photograph and make it your duty to listen to them all.


Here's what we have figured out so far:

ASIANA - Out On The Street (1990)
BREEZE LEAST - Breeze Least (1986)
CUTTY SARK - Hard Rock Power E.P. (1983)
DARK HAZE - Five Years E.P. (1988)
HELLEN - Talon Of King (1985)
JUPITER - Jupiter (1987)
LEVITICUS - Jag Skall Segra (1983)
METALWOLF - Down to the Wire (1986)
PALASS - Queen Of The World (1989)
POKOLGEP - Pokoli Színjáték (1987)
ROAD - Breaking Out (1986)
SABBRABELLS - Sabbrabells (1983)
SHERWOOD - Riding The Rainbow E.P. (1986)
SIFON - 100 Høíchù (1991)
STRESS - Stress (1982)
TARANTULA - Tarantula (1987)


Matt Amyx said...

Holy shit! I feel like a dunce, I couldn't identify ONE of them

Strappado said...

HEavy Metal Army:

Strappado said...

The one to the right of Leviticus is a Split album called "Aleacion"

Then there is Savagers - Preacher Of Steel:

Armageddon (Kor) - The Tears of a King Bird:

Ivory Tiger - Metal Mountain:

Mistreater - Swami:

Stonehenge - Wings Of Steel:

I'm tired and will give you the full list tomorrow, maybe you have already found out everyone but I had nothing else to do :)

Strappado said...

Oracle - Oracle:

Strappado said...
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Anonymous said...