Thursday, 18 November 2010

Barred For Life

Emerging from the fog of war that was the American Hardcore rebellion of the 1980's, few bands have experienced as much posthumous popularity as southern California's Black Flag. Shrouded in myth and illuminated as the inventors of the Punk Rock DIY ethos (yes, the entire thing), their individual contribution to Hardcore's golden age cannot be taken for granted.
A resurgence of the band's legend comes complete with a resurgence of the band's logo, THE BARS, as a defacto icon for an entire generation that grew up on a steady diet of Regan-esque bullshit and skateboarding.
THE BARS cum ink-in-skin are a statement dying to scream to the world, "we've been lied to again...!" Punk is still dead but its ideals are now being transmitted through time and space by this icon and by its wearers. And, predictably, we are here to tell the story. So stay tuned as we prepare to come to your town and give your story a shot. You don't have to be a Henry Rollins or Dez Cadena to find your way into BARRED FOR LIFE so start talking or forever keep your fucking story to yourself.
People with Black Flag tattoos (send us your pics) and anyone interested in reading and/or seeing this project evolve.

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