Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Rest Of The Bands At That GRAVE DESECRATOR Show...

Shit! It's been almost a month since I took the following photos at the GRAVE DESECRATOR show in Manchester (an all-dayer called "DEAD EVIL FEST") and I've only just taken a look-see at what the pictures turned out like. I'm a lazy fucking bastard... apologies to anyone who I've told "Yeah man, I'll get those photos sent to you in a few days." Little did I realise at the time that I had been shooting the photos in RAW format (meaning you have to sit at a desk for hours pouring over each and every frame one by one, adjusting and then reformatting each to jpeg or what have you) and, just to compound that a bit further, I took about 650+ pics during that day. All in some ridiculous format that I'd left the camera switched to from the day before. Idiot!

Anyway, here's a photo from each of the bands that played before GRAVE DESECRATOR. For photos of the headline band, see the original post!







SEREGON were a right royal ballache to shoot, mainly because they moved so damn fast and never took a second to stay still! Which is great for a metal band, but so frustrating for a photographer haha.

More photos available on request: Leave a comment and I promise to get them to you sometime before the next century begins.

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seregon said...

Hey dude, any shots you have of SEREGON could you bounce them to james@seregon.co.uk?

Thanks for the kind words! ;)