Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Burial - Basement Torture Killings - Abbadon Incarnate - General Surgery; Liverpool, 28th May 2011

OR - Chapter 26 (in which Patchie falls back in love with Death Metal)

Well, last Friday Thee Claw convened for an all-too-rare three pronged gig attack, with some Death metal going down in the hometown.

We arrived too late for openers Burial, but are assured by those who did witness that we had missed out.
Sorry guys, We'll be earlier next time!

So, the first band we got to witness were Londoners Basement Torture Killings (BTK) who take to the stage looking for all the world like escapees from Ravenhill Hospital. Their brand of technical death/grind a la Exhumed is based, pleasingly, around the old genre staples of serial-killer and gore lyrics, plenty of good stuff from their latest release "The Second Cumming".

Next up were Irish band Abaddon Incarnate; no gimmicks or anything here, just a cracking mix of all our favourite subgenres coming together at once to great effect, unleashing a buzzing wall of noise. When blasting and grinding, they are as tight as anything, with triple vocal attack(!), but when they loosen up a bit, Clandestine-esque riffery buzzes through your brain, the drill-bit sharpness of the Sunlight studio captured perfectly. They have a split with Phobia available now on Underground Movement - get it.

Introduced by the diminutive but revered Jeff Walker (local boy does good) , Sweden's General Surgery take to the stage dressed in medical overalls, splattered in blood and gore, and proceed to dissect every one of us.
General Surgery are something of a grind supergroup (I hate to use that term) with members of Birdflesh, Bombstrike and Crucifyre in the lineup, and much like our very own Raven's Creed, this pedigree gives undoubted credibility to the boys from Stockholm.
We all get covered in blood, a death/crust/grind tornado blew it's way through Liverpool and we were all left reeling.
General Surgery never let up, even when they slow down it's to the pace of a saw through bone.

Well done to the Whiplash team for another amazing night (Death/Black party in the bar afterwards was a blast too!) see you at VADER!!!
Abaddon Incarnate
General Surgery
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