Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hole in the Sky call it a day...

From the official HOLE IN THE SKY website:

This is it, number twelve – The Last Supper. It was not an easy decision to make, but as they say – all good things must come to an end, and we feel that instead of run the risk of making Hole in the Sky a less inspired affair, we have chosen to go out on a high note.
We do that by assembling what we honestly think is our most diverse and spectacular lineup to date. The Last Supper is the perfect combination of tradition, rising stars and underground talent.
Norway has been on the forefront of extreme metal for 20 years and in that respect we have invited four of the pioneers within the genre, four bands that has been crucial to the legacy of Hole in the Sky to celebrate. Immortal, Satyricon, Enslaved and Mayhem will all be performing a headline set during the festival, and we’re positive that all of them will deliver something to remember.
Alongside legendary artists such as industrial legends Godflesh, doomster Saint Vitus and black metal juggernaut Marduk, we’re proud to announce the addition of rapidly growing acts such as Primordial and Wolf, together with veterans Mortuary Drape, Helheim and Vomitor.
The whole package has always been important thing for Hole in the Sky and if you look at the program you will see that there is some kind of thread going through the different stages and days. Dwelling in the underground black metal scene one day, going through doom and traditional metal, via alternative, before ending up with the grand finale with Norwegian bands only, starting with the Satyricon set on Friday and closing off with Immortal on the same stage Saturday.
We can also introduce two new elements to the festival, a very special opening show with Wardruna at Logen Teater, presented by Amber Booking in cooperation with Hole in the Sky, and finally the Vomitor-headlined Assault stage at Garage. The Assault stage concerts will run in the afternoon Saturday and will not interfere with the shows at USF.
But, enough ranting – this is about the music and the experience. See you all in August for one final supper.
Hole in the Sky Chapter XII – The Last Supper
Wardruna (Wednesday,  Logen Teater)
Part 1 (Wednesday, Garage):
Dark Endless
Part 2 (Thursday, Garage):
The End of the End
Part 3 (Friday, USF):
The Dawn of a New Age
Part 4 (Saturday, USF):
A Perfect Vision of the Rising Northland
Assault stage (Saturday, Garage):Vomitor

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