Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Black Breath, Manchester (UK) 12 July 2011

Bands: Black Breath / Black Mass / Minister Of Justice / Poison Planet
Style: Thrash/Black/Punk
Venue: The Star & Garter, Manchester (UK)
Date: 12th July 2011
Promoter: Mutiny Events

How's it going people? SJW here once again with some photos from last night's BLACK BREATH show in Manchester (at our favourite of all venues, the Star & Garter). Although I am not the resident reviewer in our family (that would be Patchie), I thought that I would at least write you a few words about this great show from close-to-the-beginning of the current Black Breath European summer tour. We had the pleasure of seeing these guys right here (at the very same venue) back in November, in the depths of an English winter. Last night's show could not have felt more different though. At some points towards the end of the night the heat in the venue was close to 35°C according to the gauge on my watch (which is around 95°F for our American friends out there!)... and by the way there's no air-con in the S&G and not much in the way of ventilation either (though a couple of us did manage to open a single window half way through the final set of the night). But that is all part of the charm of this particular venue... it's a fucking deafening cauldron of noise and heat! TURN IT UP!!

The show went down very well with a great turn out, though the crowd didn't go ape-shit as it normally might in Manchester (let's blame the heat), though the Black Breath encore did seem to get a nice reaction.

The rest of the bands on the bill played nice sets too - Thee Claw is particularly taken with local outfit MINISTER OF JUSTICE, who were on stage early but made a definite impact with the set. Check them out here.

Okay, that's enough words. Here's some BLACK BREATH photos from the show they played here at the Star & Garter, Manchester, 12th July 2011.

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Matt Amyx said...

One of the baddest ass live shows I've ever seen and some of the coolest guys to hang out with! Thanks for the pics!