Monday, 11 July 2011

Photo of the Day: Pissman @ Hellfest 2011

Spotted this gentleman (and his "bag") in the crowd during Church Of Misery's set at Hellfest. Simply had to snap some photos of him "in full flow":

We have just been having a gentle peruse of the photos that SJW took over at that fest this year (photos that we are yet to have a proper look through by the way) and this crazy bastard randomly appears in about half a dozen of the CoM set's crowd photos, in each of them he is liberally waving his satchel full of urine around while dancing like a nut to "El Padrino" while the rest of the crowd around him do there best to stay the fuck away from him, in case the bag rips open as he flings it about wildly.

If you happen to know Pissman in real life, be sure to tell him that Thee Claw asked to pass a message to him. And that message is: "Piss off!"

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