Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bark at the Full Moon

Well, well well droogies (as Krusher may have once said). It's that time of year again, time for us to clue you up on a little shindig that's taking place in the fair Yorkshire city of Leeds on October 13th that you should all get off your fat arses and get along to, the Full Moon Dog festival. Taking place under the arches in the Cockpit club at Swinegate (excellently positioned by the train station), this year's edition of the festival in honour of Jay-Jay Winter of Asomvel, a friend to headbangers everywhere who died tragically on October 18th 2010, features such heavy metal luminaries as Orange Goblin, a treat with a set from Solstice, Asomvel themselves, Dark Forest, Stuka Squadron, Eliminator, Stilletto Farm and Mercanary, with a headliner still to be announced! You're looking at a good nine and a half hours of metal and socialising, without any of the false bullshit normally associated with scenes, just people getting together to celebrate the life of a guy who loved Heavy Metal as much as we do. What's more, the entire show will be filmed for DVD which you can pre-order here for the price of a round of beer (£15 fucking bargain). SO a recap; day full of metal in memory or Jay-Jay, top company, filmed for DVD, well cheap (£15 in advance), right by the station. All being well, see you at the front! Facebook Event Page Website Buy Tickets Preorder DVD

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