Monday, 21 May 2012

Iron Witch - Post Vegas Blues 7"

Local sludgemonsters Iron Witch are back with a new 7" on Thirty Days of Night records, entitled Post-Vegas Blues.

Starting off with a wall of feedback,
Gunshot Residue is a lolloping riff that kicks in before slowing down and locking into into a groove that only serves to soften you up for a punky thrash towards the middle of the track, fading out as it does with the ghost of the feedback that opened the track.
Rising from the mudflats at the mouth of the Mersey, Exceed the Dose crawls along full of bile, before the thrash kicks back in and it's a dirty storming head shaker, feet apart, shoulders hunched, drums going ten to the dozen in the background.
Side B's track, Post Vegas Blues, is a track that I assume is about the dreariness of returning to your shitty job after a week in party central.
That's certainly what it sounds like.

Iron Witch do what they do so well that every time I listen to them, it takes me back to the first time I saw them live, the height of summer in a packed Star and Garter on Manchester, absolutely roasting hot, drenched in sweat and full of cider;
Except that didn't actually happen.
I've not had the chance to see them live yet, but I feel as if I have, THAT'S HOW GOOD THEY ARE.

Get yourself over to
and order yourself some riffs.
It's ok, thank me later.

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