Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Just How We Like It!

For those of you (like us) who grew up in the eighties/nineties loving us some good hardcore alongside our metal, you'll love Iron Reagan, who have just signed to A389 Records:

Richmond VA's IRON REAGAN are the latest band to join the A389 Records family.
 Featuring members of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour, IRON REAGAN deliver raging 80's hardcore infused crossover thrash, influenced by the likes of D.R.I. Cro-Mags and Nuclear Assault with their own twists and turns thrown into the mix.
 The band has just wrapped up tracking their debut twenty-track LP ''Worse Than Dead', which will be seeing an early 2013 release on A389.
 In the meantime, Clearview Records has just released the band's 5-song demo as a 1-sided 12" EP.
 Stream the IRON REAGAN demo on their bandcamp page below:

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