Saturday, 7 September 2013

Beyond Description – An Elegy for Depletion

With a seemingly eternal career, Japan's Beyond Description step up to offer up some pretty powerful thrash metal, in the great eighties sense, none of this modern nonsense here.
As you may be aware, I'm not a big fan of modern-sounding thrash metal, which is why the likes of Beyond Description and the UK's Hybris appeal so much to me.
Breakneck drumming here and fast picking are the order of the day here, Hideyuki's vocal delivery is very clear, more Tom Araya than Mille Petrozza.
As with most of my favourite thrash, the music is given plenty of room to breathe, it's a very guitar-oriented album although Hiroshi's drumming is a joy to listen to and holds the songs together tightly. As with all classic thrashers, the mosh parts contain lead breaks – I absolutely love it!
Arbitrage is probably the stand-out track on the album for me, early Sepultura style riffing giving way to a No-Remorse style mosh part before plunging head first back into the speed riffs, although Provocation (in which Yusuke's bass is given more space to make itself heard) is also a top-rate track, and just listen to the drumming on Purpose!
Great stuff, out now on Punishment 18 Records.

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