Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Give Us A Clue

I remember buying Heart Ache by Jesu way back in 2004 when it was released, and I was starting a course about 10 days after it's release where I knew I'd have to travel for an hour or so by train everyday, and I actually put off listening to the CD for that long because I wanted to be able to digest the whole thing in my own time.
Every morning for two weeks I'd travel on the train listening to it, and I wasn't disappointed; I've often said to anyone who will give me half a chance to bore them to death that if I were to be told I was going deaf and I could listen to one piece of music before it happened, I'd pick the first song "Heart Ache" from this CD.
As a (long time) Godflesh fan, this EP was a breath of fresh air; a move away from the more organic sounds that had come into the later releases, this had Justin playing all the instruments himself and the return of a drum machine.

Originally released on Dry Run Records (who later vanished, I believe) Justin has been promising for ages that it's coming out on wax on his own Avalanche Recordings, but for one reason or another it's been getting put back later and later.
Anyway, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel, here's the latest from his blog:

Jesu - 'Pale sketches', Jesu - 'Heart Ache' and Final - 'Afar' vinyl editions on Avalanche Recordings are all being pressed/manufactured now, yes we know they should be available by now but due to initial pressing problems we had to move to another manufacturer, thankyou for your patience. Pre orders will begin in late June, shipping will then begin early July.

I'm taking bets on which release will come first by the way, this, or Domkirke* by sunnO))).

*that's the proper spelling, SJW and I were there when it was recorded. Don't know where they've got this "Dømkirke" business from.

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Matt Amyx said...

I actually ordered Heart Ache direct from Dry Run (who's site is still up and running) and they actually held my money for months and sent nothing before I eventually filed a complaint and was finally reimbursed. To this day it is the only Jesu release that I don't have unfortunately. As for when it or Domkirke will see the light of day... that's anyone's guess. Manufacturers are partly to blame but to me it would make more sense to give a release date well past the projection and make things less complicated. Oh well. Great piece on Heart Ache which is one of my favs also.