Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Satyricon, Leeds (November 25th 2008)

Somehow I have totally forgot to add this video on here already.

Check out this clip of Satyricon, taken at the gig that I attended in Leeds. The gig happened about 6 weeks ago, so I am slightly late with this, haha. In case you were wondering, I shot this video using a D90 camera (many thanks to the kind people at Rios nightclub and also Satyricon's tour manager for arranging that). The original clip looks amazing, it's a shame that uploading it to Youtube has dramatically degraded the image quality. Ah well.

Bonus points to the 1st hetpenger who comments to say the name of the song they're playing.

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Patchie said...

That's K.I.N.G. that, fella....