Friday, 23 January 2009

WARNING Split Explained

Jan. 22, 2009

British doom legends WARNING have split up after 15 years of existence and two albums. The band's sole remaining original member, Patrick Walker, commented:

"The decision to discontinue WARNING has been both a pain and a purgation to me. For the past two years or so, WARNING has been a considerably important part of my life, what with travelling and playing shows, writing new music and a gradual but increasing interest in the band, largely helped by Cyclone Empire's re-releasing of both records and making them for the first time easily obtainable to people. However, I started the band in 1994. I was a different person when I began playing with WARNING; I had different musical objectives; different ideals; different influences and inspirations. Now, in order to make music that retains some semblance of integrity and wholeness, I realize I need to move on. This shouldn't be thought of as 'the end' of something; I have, after all, been the sole remaining original member of the band in its most recent lineup for almost a year now; in this respect, WARNING is little more than a band name. So before I complete work on what will be the material for the next album, I need a new band; a new context within which to work.

"I hope people continue their interest in my music, and all further information concerning it will be officially made known through Cyclone Empire with whom I am very happy to say I will continue to work as originally proposed.

WARNING debuted in 1999 with "The Strength To Dream". With this album, the band gained a cult status within doom metal circles, but they soon disbanded after their 2001 European tour with JACK FROST. They regrouped in 2005 to perform at the Doom Shall Rise festival in Germany, and released a second album, "Watching From A Distance", in 2006 to much wide acclaim. Both LPs were reissued on CD in 2008 by the label Cyclone Empire, "The Strength To Dream" featuring new artwork. At the same time, "Watching From A Distance" was released by the Metal Supremacy label as a limited-edition gatefold double-vinyl.

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