Sunday, 4 January 2009

Slow Time

Bit of a slow time at the moment, because we are in the no-man's land between the end of one year and the start of the next.
Some things that have been tickling my ears this week (including a few that should have been in the bast releases of 2008 but I somehow forgot):

Angst Skvadron - Fluct (Agonia Records 2008)
Avant-garde, space obsessed Black Metal from Urgehal mainman Nefas.
Any album that uses the five note communication sequence from Close Encounters as an intro to a black metal song is worthy of attention.
The Devil's Blood - Come Reap (Ván 2008)
Occult-obsessed retro rock from one of my favourite bands of last year. I'd been listening to this that much that I forgot to put it into the best of 2008 list. Five new tracks on this LP, following on in the vein of the 2007 demo and the Graveyard Shuffle 7".
Forbidden (US) - Twisted Into Form (Combat 1990)
Total old school thrash classic. If you don't love this you don't love thrash.
Amazing non-falsetto vocals from Russ Anderson, and spot on drumming from Paul Bostaph before he ruined himself joining jock-rock titans Slayer. Currently redeeming himself in Testament.
Deep Purple - Burn (EMI 1974)
Glenn Hughes and David "Thee Squire" Coverdale join the band on this album, and it still sounds like a breath of fresh air 35 years(!) later.
Flux of Pink Indians - Neu Smell (Crass Records 1981)
Angry, meat-free anarcho punk from Hertfordshire. Tube Disaster still makes me smile, for some reason.
Think Crass, think Rubella Ballet.
Gehennah - Hardrocker (Primitive Art 1995)
What can I say about this album? It really needs it's own post on this zine, a big long post about Say Hello to Mr Fist and Skeletons in Leather. It's hard to imagine this album being anything other than tongue in cheek, but Gehennah were deadly serious.
If you like early Venom and the direction Darkthrone are moving in at the moment, you could do a lot worse than getting hold of Gehennah's back catalogue and drinking some good European beer listening to it in your leather jacket/patched denim vest.

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