Sunday, 26 April 2009

Church Of Misery @ Roadburn, 25th April 2009

Take a moment out of your busy schedule to check this clip out. It'll be worth your while, let me tell you. I've got a video clip here of "I, Motherfucker" a little bit later on during this set, when Negi jumped head-first into the crowd and then somehow kept singing in time with the song. Can you believe this is his 1st gig back after years and years in the wilderness? It's like he never went away. His vocals remind me of Seth Putnam's in Anal Cunt, haha.

Church Of Misery took a gamble on bringing Negi back into the fold. Looks like they've hit thee jackpot.

I cannot wait for the chance to catch back up with these guys when they descend on Manchester on May 14th. It's gonna be killer.

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