Friday, 24 April 2009

Roadburn 2009, Day 1

Mornin, squirts! SJW here, live from Tilburg with a Roadburn update for ya. I'm here in the sunshine with a gang of doomers. It's a veritable feast of musical excess. Wish you were here.

I got totally smashed all day yesterday, which was very bad of me because I am our gang's dad but it was also the best possible decision because we all love drunk dad. Lots of photos were taken by drunk dad. I think he's a bit drunk now still, haha.

Highlights from Day 1:

Wolves In the Throne Room
A quote from a traveling companion about WIITR: "The best band of all time. They reminded me of... nothing else."

Black Sun
My band of the day. True awesome power violence from Glasgee. I took far too many photos of them... like 5 gig of data. Man, they ruled.

Orange Goblin
Ben has had a haircut.


I have only ever seen TDB at Roadburn. That is to say, I saw them here last year and I saw them here agin last night. Very atmospheric, lots of brooding menace in the air. It's like being at a black mass watching The Devil's Blood. I saw The Ghost of Patchie's Past stood at the front of their show with his claws in the air, it made me smile and cry at the same time (haha!).

The end of the night brought us the annual ORANGE GOBLIN HEAVY METAL DISCO, which did not disappoint. We were given a brilliant jukebox selection of rock and metal, including "Rock All Over You" by AC/DC and "Down Down" by Status Quo. You can't go wrong with a bit of Quo, right??

Okay, we're off to the supermarket now. Be safe gang and stay clean!!

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Patchie said...

I've just seen my ghost at the front there too.
Sterling work, Constable Bastard.