Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Cult is Very much Alive

As you are no doubt aware, Thee Claw are hyowge fans of Darkthrone, throughout the different phases of their career.  
Tiding us over nicely between Dark Thrones and Black Flags and the next, as yet untitled (but probably recorded two years ago, knowing them) album, Ted and Gylve have worked with other artists for their next albums.
Nocturno Culto has just worked with Norwegian musician Sarke (Khold, Tulus, Old Man's Child and Sensa Anima) adding his vocals to an album of music and lyrics written by Sarke himself.  I've managed to get hold of a promo copy and I've been spinning it non-stop.  
It's a slightly more modern sounding album, in the vein of Khold, but with enough punky influences and black humour in the lyrics to not be too much of a departure for Mr Culto.  Ranging from mid-paced brooding songs to faster BM stylee, Sarke is every inch the musician you thought he was from his work with OMC, I just hope this one gets filed under "Sarke" as a new venture, and not under "Darkthrone".  Well worth getting, my copy is in the post now.  Check out the lyric "YOU'RE ALL OVER ME...LIKE AN OLD MAN'S DOG" hehe.
I haven't heard it yet, but Fenriz has teamed up with black metal LUNATIC Nattefrost  for the upcoming release Engangsgrill which I have on pre-order from Indie Records. fenriz' contribution is under the title Fenriz' Red Planet and contains three songs, and, according to the man himself: "“The songs are inspired by REVELATION 2nd and 3rd demo from 1987 (this band was later signed on Lee Dorrian’s label Rise Above, I think), BLACK SABBATH, TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM (USA), THE DOORS and also a song by SLEEP." Sounds pretty promising, my friends no?
I have no information on the Nattefrost side of the split, as the phenomenon I'm hoping doesn't happen to Sarke seems to happened here, the "Darkthrone Effect", and all I have is track names.  I expect the usual perverted black metal madness from Nattefrost here; after all, his fifth track on the split is called Humiliated And Pissed Upon. Expect a bit more when my copy arrives.

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