Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Recommendation Of Thee Week - Baroness "Blue Record"

The latest release from post-rockers BARONESS is out shortly on Relapse. We've heard it, and we like this one a lot. Half a dozen spins in and this is proving to be quite a disc. Go to their Myspace page and listen for yourself.

This record is a huge step up from their last (and 1st) record, Red Album. The production here is great, the songs sink in after just a few plays... and there's a couple of definite classics that have been thrown in there too. The opening Bullhead's Psalm is the albums recurring theme, serving as intro, closer and it appears some place in between too. I can hear elements of THIN LIZZY in the intro / outro tracks - always a good indicator of a quality tune!

I am currently being hypnotized by the record's outro track Bullhead's Lament, with it's layered riff growing with each loop. It reminds me of something that Brian May might spend hours building up on an old 6 track or something. Lovely stuff.

This record is recommended for fans of prog and stoner, of technical metal and all you mainstream rockers looking for a gateway record to help you transition to something a little further from the beaten track than you're accustomed to. It's also for those annoying people who say things like "I like THE SWORD/MASTODON/ISIS, but I was never fully satisfied with their output". Yes, they should finally have something to coo about too.

Wait a second, did I just mention Brian May in a Baroness write-up?

This record is the future.


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