Friday, 2 October 2009

Vinyl Night, Part 2

6: after Demon, Witchfynde's Give 'Em Hell.... top Pagan Altar style NWOBHM.

7: Stephen Shelton.
STEPHEN FUCKING SHELTON. We rocked Confessor's Condemned next...what can I say about this album that I haven't said a thousand times? Top techno doom.

8: Then - Xentrix - For Whose Advantage? This, as far as I'm concerned is a totally overlooked gem of UK Thrash, no scratch that, just a fucking classic album. Never given a fair crack of the whip by the British press, who preferred to get Ross Halfin over to take photos of anyone with a Bay Area zip code and then produce fawning articles over them. Bitter, me? Nah.

9: Misfits - Horror Business Sessions 77-81 Vol 2 
This is actually a bootleg that Thee Claw picked up in Tokyo. This is the first time it's been played in Britain, it's British debut if you will. Nobody else in Britain (probably) owns this, it's number 171 of 666 copies, let's give it a spin...As this is sessions, the quality is supreme, and we love it!!!

10: Orange Sunshine - Bullseye of Being. This is a record that we picked up somewhere that we can't even remember. Was it at a gig or festival? Probably.
Let's see....Sitars....this is the obligotary "head shop" music from a bad 70's BAD COP film. Fuck this off, get some thrash on or something. Waste of Vinyl so far...let's try face B. It's got an OK cover of Sunshine of Your Love on. NEXT!

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Geir Martin said...

You guys were listening to the wrong Orange Sunshine album. Try Homo Erectus album. Sonic Titan