Friday, 2 October 2009

Vinyl Night 3

We're onto our 3rd ale (Leffe) and our 11th record. This has turned into a bit of a heavy metal disco here, haha, Orange Goblin at Roadburn comes to mind. Okay, down to business.

11th record: BLACK FLAG - DAMAGED

VERY YES. The next 5 records are all Patchie's choices. We're takin turns being the DJ or the reviewer, ha. How cool this is, playing vinyl and drinking beers. Its been a while since I sat playing records... I forgot how they look while they are spinning about, on the deck, the way that the vinyl is warped and rises and falls as it spins. God I love vinyl.

DAMAGED is the 1st record of the night that we played for more than 1 track. RISE ABOVE, SPRAY PAINT, SIX PACK and WHAT IS SEE got an airing. Patchie has turned into a horror, I hope he doesn't start trashing his house up.


The SHOCKER soundtrack is sick as fuck. Sick meaning awesome. We're not gonna be obvious and play No More Mister guy, no thanks. We're playing the B-side, the excellent Different Breed by DEAD ON. The reason that MEGADETH couldn't record a B-side (according to legend) is that Megadave was too strung out on smack to play 2 songs. Just as well, cause what we have here is some much overlooked, underplayed metal.

13th of thee night: CELTIC FROST - COLD LAKE (1988)

Okay, here we are, at the peak of the night. The much-maligned Cold Lake, the same year as Reek of Putrefaction, GN'R Lies and Seventh Son. All of which we arent playing tonight. This record takes precedence in our musical tastes. I don't care what ANYONE says, COLD LAKE is an amazing record. Spandex? Cock rock? Juices like Wine? I could listen to this all day. Tom G, you need to reconsider this record. The rest of you lot do as well!

14th on the decks: GRINDCRUSHER (UK VERSION) - (1987, Earache)

Patchie's choice, we've got ourselves a compilation record. Choice track: FILTHY CHRISTIANS "Party & Fight For You Right". F.C. inspired a whole host of Swedish bands, ENTOMBED and AT THE GATES spring to mind. The track starts off like something from blastbeat central and then ends with a cowbell-gasm.

15th song: RAVENS CREED "Neon Parasite" 7" (2009, Doomentia Records)
We haven't heard this record yet, bought it earlier this year from a Czech label. We saw RAVENS CREED a couple of years ago at a dingy little venue in Leeds (The Fenton). I think about 10 people where there. Mad. The song we are listening to, I think it's the B-side. It starts with a quick word from Satan himself (God knows what he is saying... pun intended) and then it slams into 2 amazing riffs, played a full tilt, looped again and again. Aside from the message from His Unholiness, it's an instrumental.

Hell with it, let's play Neon Parasite as well! The A-side has got sick vocals from Ben Ward and is blisteringly fast (as expected). Sounds like pre-Arise Sepultura, Venom-ized. Jay Graham is banging those drums like he's just caught them shagging his missus, haha. Sorry Jay mate, just an analogy there. What a track. Again, the riffs are on repeat, fast and frenetic, going into overdrive.

Okay, time for another swap of duties.... My turn to choose the tunes, Patchie's words.

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