Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Another Best of?

As you can tell, here at Claw Towers we are all a bit Iron Maiden mad.
Obsessed, you might say.
Anyway, this is just a short note to point out that there is (another) best-of release coming out.
However, seeing as the realms of best-ofs are seen as cash-in procedures and probably left to pop musicians, the band have seen fit to issue a statement on their website (through manager Rod Smallwood) to their fans:

"As you guys will have read from our press release, 'the best of' is to help introduce new friends into the world of Maiden. We are not trying to sell this to the legions of our well valued Maiden supporters who probably already have these 'tracks' (and no doubt the entire collection of albums!).

From the amount of tickets sold there are a lot of people coming to our shows this year who won't have seen us before, so this is intended for them as an introduction, similar to previous ones of this nature. As with 'Edward the Great' we will arrange for the front and back cd artwork to be available for you to print free nearer the release date so, if you want, you can have them for your collections.

Of particular not regarding this release, the cover has been created by none other than Derek Riggs, the man responsible for Iron Maiden maiden artwork up to Brave New World, and the inspiration for millions of teenaged metalheads (myself included) to draw decomposing corpses all over their school books.
For me, this is as big news as the fact that Iron Maiden are playing "Wasted Years" on this tour.

Oh, and this "Best of" is coming out on picture disc vinyl.

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