Saturday, 8 March 2008

Thee Claw Gig Clash / Tour Date Dilemna

Okay, so I have been making additions to this year's "tour schedule" right now, checking out what gigs we are going to be gracing with our presence in the next few months. And it seems that we have a bit of a schedule conflict on April 16th - 2 gigs both fall on the same day in different cities.

Question: There is a gig clash on April 16th - Should we go to Leeds to see Witchcraft or to Birmingham to see Merzbow?

Personally I think that it will probably be Merzbow that we end up seeing. We've seen Witchcraft before and they are due to play at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg as well. Whereas we haven't been to see Merzbow yet, even though he's a legend - a big influence on Thee Claw.

I'll consult with The Oracles and write out their response on here shortly!

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