Monday, 24 March 2008

Iron Maiden In Tokyo - Bruce's Kebab Comment

Here's a little update between gigs for y'all, about Iron Maiden. Well, why not??

I didn't know about the following youtube clip until Thee H sent me this YouTube link:

Check out the clip (if you are so inclined) and at the 3 minute mark Bruce Dickinson says "Oi you at the back there, with the donner kebab! Pay attention!". When he said this I was stood way at the back of the room, by the kebab stall, with a kebab in my hand.

He said that and I thought "haha Bruce has got good eye-sight!" and then I took a few photos for some reason.

Here's a few more photos that I took during that day in Chiba at the Makuhara Messe convention centre. It was a great gig and a great day out too. Can't wait for Twickenham.

The second-to-last pic is of a cooler-than-cool Jap metaller who I spotted in the crowd, he wearing a Maiden flag as a cape and also a pair of Freddie Mercury style spandex pants. You don't get many of them at gigs here in England, I wonder why! The last of the photos here is of the Japanese Maiden fans all leaving the hall (Manowar style), in a very orderly fashion.

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