Tuesday, 4 March 2008

New In Thee Post

I've been getting stack of stuff in the post lately, some highly anticipated, some unexpected, but all most welcome.

In the photo:

Bathtub Shitter - "Lifetime Shitlist" LP (on 12" brown vinyl)
Bathtub Shitter - "Angels Save Us / Mark A Muck" on CD (in a 7" sleeve)
Bathtub Shitter - "Early Yeah(s)" on CD (in a 7" sleeve) x2
Bathtub Shitter - "One Fun" 7 inch
Brutal Truth - "Machine Parts" 7 inch
Burning Witch - "Crippled Lucifer" (Double CD reissue)

Not in the photo:

Celtic Frost - "Vanity / Nemesis" (CD reissue with bonus tracks)
Wolf Eyes / Grey Daturas split CD - "The Black Plague"

As you can tell, I am on a bit of a Bathtub Shitter kick at the moment. I received 2 copies of "Early Yeah(s)" on CD though, I don't know how that's happened. And I wasn't expecting the Wolf Eyes / Grey Daturas split either, so that should be fun.

The Celtic Frost "Vanity / Nemesis" CD has already been getting lots of airtime - we have been listening to plenty by Tom G Warrior and the boys in preparation for their upcoming gig in Tilburg! Here's hoping they play "The Heart Beneath" as part of their set!

And here's a close up of an excellent Celtic Frost patch that I have picked up this week from ebay (gotta love Frosties):

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