Monday, 16 June 2008

Even More Donington Videos

Here's a short video of JUDAS PRIEST's set at Donington last Friday (13th June 2008). I chose this particular clip for you to see for yourself just how many people were crowded behind us while Priest were up there on the main stage. (ANSWER: Lots!)

I've got a few vids during MOTÖRHEAD's set, but it's gonna be pointless putting them online because they're a blur. I couldn't keep the camera still because the huge crowd all around me was going fucking mental apeshit to Killed By Death and Ace Of Spades.

Oh okay then... here's an interesting clip from during a break in The Head's set:

COMPETITION: I'm handing out 100 Claw bonus points to the 1st person who is metal enough to name both songs being played in these 2 video clips!


The SKUM said...

Go 'ead lad, between the hammer and the anveeeeelll!!!

The SKUM said...

oh and just cos you got the power!!! dem points is mine!!!