Thursday, 5 June 2008

Soon to be hanging on a wall near me...

A flyer (sadly only a printout from my PC) from the first underground gig I ever went to, back in the days before Pitch Shifter discovered drum n bass, and in the days before Anathema decided they were the new Pink Floyd.

Ah, those days of four of us putting all our money together to get two bottles of cider, and hiding in the toilets every time someone who looked like they were going to throw us out for only being 12 walked past.
This is where it all started for me really, I don't really want to discuss any of the concerts I'd been to before this!

I can still remember it clear as day; getting the 78 bus into Liverpool with Johno, and walking down Hanover Street and seeing Graham Christ and some idiot from the village we lived in, Graham had bought a silver inverted cross on a chain earlier that day from the now-long-gone Rockstock in Quiggins.

(from the Planet X 25th Anniversary Myspace)

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FoZ said...

I was at that show. Good times in the planet.