Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Gravetemple Tour 08

GRAVETEMPLE are doing a short 5 day tour of Europe early next month (July 2008), hopefully we're going to catch their set at the Supersonic Festival.

From Stephen O'Malley's page:

Gravetemple "Ambient/Ruin 2008"
(Attila Csihar, Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O'Malley, Matt "Skitz" Sanders)

7th July Rotterdam/WORM (w/ASVA)
8th July Köln/Kulturbunker
9th July Paris/Point Ephemere
10th July London/ULU (w/ASVA)
13th July Birmingham/Supersonic Festival (w/Julian Cope on Bass)


Matt Amyx said...

HOLY SHIT! Who wants to hook a brother up with some merch! :) HA!

Matt Amyx said...

Man that would be AWESOME! I'd love a shirt! XL and I will send you some $ too. Also, I've got a package I and Proscriptor from ABSU are putting together for you full of some local metal and stuff...be on the "look out!" as Dio would say