Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Just As I Predicted...

Judas Priest, Nostradamus, Double CD...

Released monday june 16th, so only naturally I had to leg it into town to get it on the release day, I only ever do that with 2 other bands, Maiden and Motorhead.
"Nostradamus" for me is Priests best album since Defenders Of The Faith, the songs don't all sound the same, there's shit loads of variety, there's all sorts of Priest in there, what I mean by that is when you hear each song there are things that remind you of past eras of Priest, I can hear the 70's, Defenders and Ram It Down/Painkiller but most of all they have also carved a new sound with the new material thanks to Glenn Tipton and KK Downings production which is miles more better than Roy Z's production of their half arsed 2004 reunion cheese fest "Angel Of Retribution", thank fuck Priest have finally got their shit together.
Here's the deal, 13 tracks on CD1 and 10 more on CD2 but 9 of them 23 tracks are actually short intro's which are still still need listening to because they set the moods perfectly for the full songs that follow.
I know, not much of a review, I can't even pick a stand out tune because most of the songs can be classed as a stand out tune, so I'll just leave with this, most of the songs are mid paced but I think priest's best songs are the mid-slow paced ones, I'll pick a slow track called "Death" because the guitar sound reminded me of the Ram It Down album.
I don't know how I'm gonna handle it when they play the entire album on tour next year, I've got a feeling there will be a good few costume changes and some extra actors or something to keep the crowd interested. We'll have to wait and see.

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