Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Nile, Grave & Bal Belphagor @ Leeds Rios, 21st September 2008

Me and THEE DAWG went to see NILE in Leeds last night, great gig! It was absolutely jampacked with stinking sweaty death metal fans in the city's best rock venue, I haven't seen a gig there so full for quite a while. So much for the credit crunch! Neither of us had any clues about who was going to be supporting NILE before we arrived at the gig, so imagine our delight when we discovered it was GRAVE. They played a binder of a set, lots of old school death - they reminded me a lot of GOREFEST. The 1st act on, BELPHAGOR (called "Bal Belphagor" on the ticket) are an Austrian outfit, they were going for a VENOM kind of sound. All in all a great bill of death and sweat!

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