Sunday, 12 June 2011

I Like It When you Die: Seth Putnam, Dead At 43

(Pre-note: If this blog post comes across as though we are being cruel or insensitive towards Seth Putnam's passing, that is not the intention. Thee Claw fucking loves the music of Seth Putnam and Anal Cunt. We just realise that his brand of "humor" is not properly reflected in the way that people simply say "R.I.P." whenever someone dies, even if the person in question was not a peaceful soul during their lifetime. Now that's been made clear, read the fuck on...!)

The legend that is Seth Putnam has died. To celebrate, laugh at the unfortunate and listen to his records. Also, do not say "R.I.P." like a stupid fucking cunt. Seth had no time for peace. Let's hope that his undying soul is currently somewhere horrible, getting poked up the ass by Rene Auberjonois in a fiery hell while being forced to listen to love songs for the rest of eternity. It's what he would have wanted after all.

That all said though, Thee Claw has to give huge props to the man for the music and the obscene lyrics he helped bring to the world. Some sick shit, but some funny shit too.

Question that I want answering about what happens next: Since Seth ran his own record label (Wicked Sick), what happens with that now? Does someone else go to his house/apartment (where I assume he kept all of his merch and shit) and take over the running of his affairs? How much of a say do Josh and Tim get in any of the music that's unreleased? Was the fabled Picnic Of Love 2 already recorded? And was anything else? If so, will it be released? Any other stuff in the bag that is maybe sat on his home computer, waiting to be commited to wax and made available, maybe that could be arranged via Seth's long term collaborator, Limited Appeal Records. I mean, so many people will be talking about Putnam's death right now (with it being a news item) but soon all that will dry up and all that will be left is his music.

Finally, Josh and Tim, hope you guys keep doing what you do. Thee Claw knows that you guys were a huge factor in the AxCx legacy.

Link to Grim Kim's original post that let everyone know about Seth dying.

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BEAVERBAG - Death Is Gay - A Tribute To Seth Putnam