Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Corrupt Moral Altar - Luciferian Deathcult

The first release on new label Baitin' The Trap Records is the Luciferian Deathcult EP from Corrupt Moral Altar.
As soon as you put it on, you are greeted with the words "I wanna get pissed for a reasonable price" and the band then force you head first into the track Play Stupid Games and Win Stupid Prizes.
It's an absolute maelstrom of a track, bringing sludge and grind up against each other to great effect.
Politics is a Bargain Between Beggars reminds me of mid nineties Napalm Death at times, maybe Napalm Death covering Black Flag, Adam's basslines easily as grinding as anything Shane Embury has laid down.
An absolutely searing vocal performance from vocalist Chris, bringing to mind the great Kev Sharp, contrasts with the doomy choir effect at the start of Power Whore, and I must bring attention to the drumming from Tom throughout the release, absolutely bang on which kind of balances out the whole sludge thing giving even the slower parts of the tracks a grind/core feel (Yes, I mean grind/core not grindcore).
The band describe the EP as being about "modern life, alcohol-fuelled regret, desperation and denial against a backdrop of a flawed and hopeless society" and that feeling of desperation really comes across when they intone "...you're slaves, don't you know?..." on Flattening the Cultural Pyramid, which is the standout track for me. Absolutely fucking crushing, John's riffs sounding absolutely huge at the end.
The EP ends with You Don't Have To Go To Clown College, which has a - dare I say it - bit of a groove to it, but will still melt your face off.
And then that's it, they're out, and they've taken all your cider with them.

The EP comes out on Feb 18th on Baitin' the Trap.


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