Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Opium Lord - The Calendrical Cycle - Prologue:The Healer

Smashing the death decks this week, is the ornately titled The Calendrical Cycle - Prologue:The Healer EP from Opium Lord.

With an undoubted underground pedigree, this debut from the Black Country four peice who are turning heads already is an absolute belter; a mix of sounds and influences that makes them pretty hard to pigeonhole.
I keep getting bandnames on the tip of my tongue as I type this listening to the EP, "kind of like...." and then that little touchstone is gone and they are making me think of someone else, all the while forging their own sound.

Out via Thirty Days of Night in February, The EP contains two tracks, Heroin Swirl and  Street Labs, the former starting off slowly, with harsh vocals over the black morass of sound churning beneath, with a creeping, creepy middle section, that gives way to a bass heavy march with cymbals crashing all around, and a squeal of feedback as a palate cleanser before seguing into the second track, Street Labs, whirling headfirst at you with some nice post-metal touches and fierce dynamics to it.
Of course, it's as slow and heavy as you might expect, slightly psychedelic in some places, akin to the last Ilsa release.
It's up now for pre-order at £2.99 which is a steal.
Get on it.

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