Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dashwood - S/T (2013)

You know how every so often, you come across a band that properly blow you away, and you're kicking yourself for not discovering them sooner? Imagine that happening, and really enjoying their stuff, and then just as you are about to do a belated review of their most recent release, you're given the chance to review their next one.
That's exactly what's happened to me with UK HC crew Dashwood.

What you have here on their new self-titled EP is five tracks of in-your-face hardcore.
No macho bullshit, crossover or anything like that, just good old style hardcore, with a feel of misanthropy running throughout.

When they slow down for the mosh parts, it's tight, get you moving stuff, with a great rhythm section locking together (if you need any further clues as to how well they execute this, the EP contains a flawless cover of SSD's Police Beat), but when they play fast...fucking hell, they career along at a breakneck speed with just as much ease, presenting plenty of bite to put them up amongst their peers in the UK hardcore scene which (for those of you visiting our site solely on metal content) is thriving and deserves your attention.

All in all, a tough, tight, solid EP that I can see myself coming back to again and again.

Coming soon, but for now you can check out their bandcamp page for said SSD cover and you can snag a digital download of their My Disobedience which pulled me in, and their debut EP Hurt/Heal for free there too.


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