Tuesday, 1 January 2013


As usual, no numbered lists at the end of the year, as I'd sooner just point you all in the direction of some stuff I've enjoyed this past year.
  • Ilsa - Intoxicantations
  • Limb - Demo 
  • Ravens Creed - The Power
  • Deviated Instinct - Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves 
  • Mage - Black Sands
  • Headless Kross - Demises
  • Black Magician - Nature is the Devil's Church
  • Iron Witch - Post Vegas Blues
  • Studfaust - Half Human Half Dynamite
  • UFO - Seven Deadly
  • Arkham Witch - Legions of the Deep
  • Saint Vitus - Lilie: F-65
  • Tree of Sores - A Cry of Despair
  • Witchcraft - Legend
Thanks to everyone I've spoken to and who have helped us out this year, all the labels, bands, PR companies and blogs..looks like 2013 is shaping up to be a good one; fingers crossed!

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