Friday, 28 November 2008

Hammerfest Festival, North Wales, April 24th & 25th 2009

So I just read about this festival going on in North Wales, called HAMMERFEST. Hmmm, my opinion is that it sounds almost half decent. That is to say 40% decent, 60% not so decent.

The line-up announced so far:

Bullet For My Valentine
Grand Magus
Exit Ten
Trigger The Bloodshed
Dream Evil
Annotations Of An Autopsy

A very "cobbled-together" set of bands there I think you'll agree. Bullet For My Valentine, headlining? I can't relate to that myself. Who exactly is this bill being aimed at? As much as I love SAXON, CATHEDRAL, SABBAT and GRAND MAGUS, this still seems like a bit of a hodge-podge of a bill to me so far. It's entirely possible that they will announce MANOWAR or somebody like that and prove me wrong, but what's the chances of that happening!

The price for the tickets is almost £300 - and that's for the cheapest tickets possible! There's a whole array of different packages on offer, prices for this go up as high as £900 for a ticket that'll get 7 people into the venue for 2 days. This price includes accommodation, fair enough, but still it's a hell of a lot to ask! The organisers of this festival should do something similar to the guys who put together Donington and release a few day passes closer to the day.

The biggest drawback for this festival (as far as THEE CLAW is concerned at least) is that it is being held on the EXACT same weekend as the legendary ROADBURN FESTIVAL in Tilburg, Holland.

Anyways, now you all are aware that there's a big old hard rock / heavy metal festival next April, maybe this sounds like your idea of fun. If so, be sure to find Biff Byford and say hello to him on Thee Claw's behalf! Because it's very doubtful that any of us guys will be able to come along for this particular party.

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