Saturday, 29 November 2008

Heathen Uprising All-dayer - London, February 7th 2009

Live near London... and love your doom / crust punk? Maybe you are simply looking for a good reason to visit England... and love your doom / crust punk! Either way, the following promises to be a blur-orgy of beer, hair and fists that you simply just won't want to miss!

EVENT: Heathen Uprising All-Dayer
VENUE: The Unicorn, Camden, London
DATE: Saturday February 7th 2009
Centurions Ghost, Hang The Bastard, Dead Existence, Sick To Death, Witchsorrow, Armed Response Unit, Moloch, Flowers Of Flesh And Blood, Trippy Wicked, Hardcore Killface
DOOR TAX: None! Zero! Nil gratis! It's FREEEEEE!

So there you have it, a completely free day of loudness for you to partake in, all being held in "The Big Smoke" that is Old London Town.

If you actually *do* make it along to this great event, be sure to tell them that you heard about this on THEE CLAW webzine - in which case the organisers have agreed that they will let you in for half price!

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