Sunday, 9 November 2008

Let There Be Rock...

I took a trip into town last night to see what was probably the best AC/DC tribute band I've ever seen, Live/Wire.
What sets them apart from other AC/DC tribute bands is that they have 2 singers, they offer up two live sets for each vocalists eras, they played a near 2 and half hour set, first hour of the show was all Bon Scott songs, complete with thee best Bon Scott impersonator and a very good selection of their 70's stuff, they had their sound spot on. They took 3 songs from Powerage (my favourite ac/dc album!) which was a nice surprise!
Part 2 was all Brain Johnson songs and they were still spot on! They mixed it up a bit near the end with "Bon" coming out to do duets and to sing a few more Bon tracks, hope they come back soon!

I'm off to see Danko Jones, Saxon and Motorhead in manchester this coming friday night, it shall be a one man pilgrimage to see thee mighty head so expect some pics n shit!!!

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