Saturday, 29 November 2008

Sax-On, Sax-Off!!!!...

I have managed to aquire a promo of the new upcoming Saxon album "Into The Labyrinth".
Due out on January 12th, what could possibly be a contender for album of 2009 is already top of my list in 08!!!
Biff and the boys have done well once again, for me personally everything they've released since guitarist Doug Scarrat joined in 1995 has give me a proper sense of "This Is How It's Fucking Done!".
Saxon have amazed since upping the intensity back on 1997's "Unleash The Beast", "Unleash..." followed (in my opinion), a whole bunch of shite saxon albums. The first six or so albums are pure classics, not a single bad song on any of them, but as nearly every uk rock and metal band of the 1980's went all pop and mainstream (priest, leppard etc...) so did Saxon and their popularity vanished because of it.
Every album released since 1995's live classic "The Eagle Has Landed Part 2" has been a true metal masterpiece as were the first six albums all those years ago and it makes me proud of this british metal beast for getting back on track, so onto the new album.

Into The Labyrinth

01. Battalions Of Steel
Close your eyes and you'll swear that you're listening to a young european metal band and that's how fresh the album sounds, this song will be a live favourite for sure, you wont think it's Saxon until you hear the vocals, unmistakably Biff Byford!!!!

02. Live To Rock
Short keyboardy intro reminded me of Turbo by Judas Priest but the song itself is a total saxon anthem, the most british sounding song on the cd, a pure chest pounding singalong!!!

03. Demon Sweeny Todd
You get two types of Saxon on any album, first you get the rock n roll anthem style saxon, and then you get the full on brutal, fast, in your face, double bass infused, heavy fucking metal saxon.
This is my favourite song on the album, I love it when they go full on, think of the last few albums, if you liked "All Guns Blazing", "Witchfinder General" or "Let Me Feel Your Power" then add this to your list!!!!

04. The Letter
Short acoustic intro leading to...

05. Valley Of The Kings
Another euro-ish stlye (i never said power metal style) but if this had any other singer then I'd lump it with bands like Hammerfall etc... but Biff saves this song, he makes it a great song!!!!!

06. Slow Lane Blues
Slow paced, bluesy and rocking like it's 1980!!!!!!! Loving it!!!!

07. Crime Of Passion
A mid paced heavy bastard of a song, i love the guitar sound on this tune, hope they play it live!!!

08. Premonition in D Minor
An intro possibly by Doug, could be Quinny, hard to tell, its got effects on it.

09. Voice
Ballad-ish, still good, heavy riffs, nice mellow parts, a refreshing change!!!

10. Protect Yourselves
Mid Paced and heavy once again, crunchy and riffy!

11. Hellcat
See track 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)
Nice saxon rock out, can't remember if they played it in manchester the other week?

13. Coming Home (Bottleneck Version)
Acoustic blues slide guitar version of a song that was on 2001's Killing Ground, I like this version better, hope they do this live like motorhead did whorehouse blues live!!!!!


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Patchie said...

Tis a truly "true" album.
And I agree, there are parts of the cd that could be classed Euro-metal if it weren't for the bellow of Barnsley!
Demon Sweeney Todd ist krieg!